Google Ads Strategic Plan (GASP)

Our assessment analyzes your results and delivers a paid search strategy that is aligned with your growth goals.


Don’t fall for the old bait-and-switch tactic again. You know the one. You talk to an agency leader. They seem to say all the right things. You give them your business. Your Google Ads underwhelm and the junior associate who is assigned your account doesn’t “get it.” If they don’t understand your business, they can’t optimize your Google Ads strategy.


Upgrade your paid search strategy

Hire a seasoned marketing leader to upgrade your paid search strategy. We’ll take the time to understand your product, customer and competition to help you develop campaigns that win. 

Align paid search with marketing strategy

We’ll take the time to ensure your paid search campaigns align with corporate strategy and strategic marketing plan.

Affirm relevant ad copy

Using your brand messaging and our market knowledge, we’ll develop ad copy that speaks to your target market.

Get customers to take action

We’ll ensure that your paid search campaigns align with the action you want website or app users to take.

Minimize customer acquisition costs

We’ll track and measure your paid search ad performance to help you reach your target ROI.

When do you need a GASP assessment?

  • When your current campaigns are underperforming
  • When Google Ads is a significant portion of your (planned) ad spend
  • When your spending at least $10,000 per month on paid search
  • When you need to reduce customer acquisition costs

“[KHB] is ‘ragingly competent’ and brings a scientist’s discipline to her Google Adwords strategies. She is experienced, smart, and relentless.”

Get support for your paid search strategy

  • Not getting enough media impressions
  • Not generating enough website/app traffic
  • Not getting enough leads
  • Not converting leads to sales
  • Customer acquisition costs exceed target
  • Not measuring performance
  • Paid media ads are disconnected from marketing strategy
  • Not confident in keyword strategy
  • Ad copy is ineffective
  • First time Google Ads campaign set up

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