JCPenney Needs a New Loyalty Program

JCPenney hired an Apple store executive as CEO with hopes of reviving the brand.  The new CEO has a vision for JCPenney but not a good enough view of the company’s customer base.  The company now needs a loyalty program to keep its current customers from deflecting. Sales were in decline before Mr. Johnson’s arrival… Continue reading JCPenney Needs a New Loyalty Program

Google’s Growth Disappoints

I saw a headline recently that said that Google’s earnings disappointed shareholders.  Now, I get that the company gives some guidance that creates some expectation but here’s the problem:  this $38 billion company only grew 25% in Q4 2011.  Let me say that again,this $38 billion company ONLY grew 25%.  This compares to 33% growth… Continue reading Google’s Growth Disappoints

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Netflix: Bruised but not Broken

I love the Netflix distribution model.  They are everywhere you want them to be.  Got a networked gaming console?  They’re there.  How about a new blu-ray player?  There!  A tablet?  There!  You don’t need an installation technician.  You don’t need any new equipment.  Just turn on your devise.  Connect it to your (wireless) home network.  Sign up.  And, you are in!  If you don’t have any of the approved… Continue reading Netflix: Bruised but not Broken