About KHB

KHB Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy that helps organizations filter through the noise and find marketing tools that matter. We help organizations use marketing budgets efficiently to find profitable growth.

Who We Are

Business performance is contingent on wrapping your strategy around every customer touchpoint. That’s why it’s important to have a strategic partner who understands your business and organizational goals. With that insight, KHB will help you develop a framework that drives profitable growth.

Katherine Hunter-Blyden, principal at KHB Marketing, is a marketing executive with over 25 years experience. She is experienced at accelerating businesses’ top and bottom line performance. She has successfully managed professional teams with P&L accountability and teams of creative professionals. Katherine holds a BS and MS in mathematics from Creighton University and an MBA from Dartmouth College.

Get Started with Marketing that Matters

You need a marketing strategy that will drive your business toward profitable growth. KHB offers leadership with the financial discipline that will help you acquire, activate and retain the right customers for your business. Let’s get started on your winning marketing strategies.

Create content that helps your prospects take the next step in setting up their business, and acts as one step before they need your product. #contentmarketing #contentstrategy

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How important are Product Ratings for Google Ads?

22% important.

Sometimes when something funky happens (like your Product Ratings break) you can turn it into a fun, controlled measurement opportunity.

For example, what happens when your Product Ratings stop showing up?

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