About Us

KHB Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy that helps organizations filter through the noise and find marketing tools that matter. We help organizations use marketing budgets more efficiently.

Our Philosophy

We’ll help you develop a strategic plan and actionable tactics to show up at the right time in the right place for the right customer.

More and more customers are multitasking right through your messaging.  That means there are more opportunities to waste your marketing budget.  Don’t just show up because it’s the latest trendy place to be.  Show up because it’s the right, relevant place to be.

Get Started with Marketing that Matters

Send emails that your customers open. Get results with Google Ads that are affordable. Develop relevant content on the right social media for your business. Let’s get started on your winning marketing strategies.

Report from Bloomberg notes that YouTube is testing a new feature that would enable users to discover and shop for products featured in select YouTube videos. Something to keep an eye on! https://bit.ly/36cgeip @ecommercenext #ecommerce

Social media reviews aren’t enough for your business. Here’s why you need a more robust solution for customer feedback. https://hubs.la/H0Fc8YH0 #customerfeedback #CXI

“Segment your audience” is advice offered in a lot of #marketing circles.

But most companies simply make a token gesture at it via a few email sequences. Or worse, just not bother at all 😕

This is a mistake.

Here’s how to do segmentation right 👇 https://buff.ly/39fFJkK

Congratulations to all of our tech partners who were named 2021’s Best Places to Work in Los Angeles by @BuiltInLA ! We are proud of bringing the tech community together to bring economic access to those who have historically been disconnected from it. #community #tech #STEM

Get Personal: Learn how brands have more marketing success through Email Personalization #emailmarketing http://sumo.ly/46iS

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