Social Media Checkup

social media checkup

Nearly everyone who has started a business in the last decade has created at least one social media account for their business. Search through any social media platform and you will find thousands of accounts that have been abandoned by once-enthusiastic business owners. If you have been discouraged by the lack of response to your social media efforts, this social media checkup is for you. If you have a social account that is not getting much traction, this checkup is for you too. If you are ready to dive into paid advertising on social media, this checkup is also for you. Use the solutions below to tackle obstacles and revitalize your social media account.

Obstacle: Not Sure the Account Setup Is Optimal

Let’s take a look at the setup for your social media account. Be sure that you have created an inviting profile. Is the business name for your profile recognizable to your target customer? If not, make sure the bio makes it clear what you do. The username in your profile should tie directly to your business name. Your profile photo should be your logo or a picture of you. (If you do not have logo, you can have one made on 99designs or Fiverr.) If you do business locally, be sure to include your location in your profile. Your profile link should display your website or a specific landing page for profile visitors. Create as complete a social media profile as you can as this will convey credibility to potential followers.

Obstacle: Not Enough Followers

If you have not already done so, invite your family, friends and colleagues to follow your social media business accounts. Most social media apps will allow you to follow contacts on your smartphone and/or invite contacts to follow you. You will also want to let your existing customers know about your social media accounts. Send them an email letting them know what type of valuable information that only followers of your social media accounts will see and invite them to follow you. Include your social media handles on your business cards and in offline print or display materials. Find, follow and engage with other relevant accounts. You can search for them by topic, location or hashtags. Speaking of hashtags, use them with your social media posts to help others find your content.

Obstacle: Not Enough People Engaging with Posts

It is called “social media” for a reason. You must be social and engage with other posts if you want others to engage with you. For this reason, it is essential that you follow relevant accounts. Of course, no one will engage with mediocre, boring or irrelevant content so be sure your content is visually exciting. Consider sharing videos as well as alluring photos. Keep posts easy to read and brief. You should adjust content based on the platform’s analytics. Analytics will tell you what type of content your followers engage with most often. You cannot expect engagement from fake followers so if you have “bought” followers at any point, adjust your expectations. Be careful about over-promotion. About one in every five posts should be about your business or product; other posts should focus more on the target customer.

Obstacle: Not Getting Any Leads from Posts

Most major social media platforms are now public and need to generate a profit. They do that through paid advertising and they tend to steer businesses toward advertising. Frankly, there is no such thing as free social media marketing. Some have made it more difficult to get leads directly from their app. That said, you may get leads from your social media posts by using sign up forms. For instance, if you have a special promotion, use a link that requires that the follower to provide their email so you can send them a promo code. Be sure that any links you use in your post are short. You can create branded, short links with bitly. Consider using temporary links in your profile to capture contact info or drive leas to your website.

Obstacle: Follower list is not growing

It is essential that you are consistent in your social media posting so that your posts show up regularly in your followers’ feeds. Remember that the social media algorithms determine how frequently you show up in a follower’s feed. A rule of thumb for posting on social media is described in the table below.

Social Media Post Frequency
Facebook Daily
Instagram 2-3 times per week
LinkedIn Once per week
Twitter 5-9 times daily
Pinterest 5-10 times daily

Be sure to connect your online social media marketing efforts with offline marketing. Include follow buttons on your website, in print material, on business cards and in your email signature.

Obstacle: Paid ads are too costly

The best way to lower your acquisition costs on social media ads is to continually test to optimize your ad performance. With an A/B test, you will vary just one thing in the ad (the ad copy, ad headline or image) or one thing in the selected audience (age, location, gender, interests, etc.). Once you identify a control ad (the one that performs best), continue to optimize through testing as competitor ads and other external constraints will change the results of your control piece over time.

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