Don’t Make This Silly Mistake with Your Facebook Page

facebook mistake

If the only thing that you are posting on your Facebook business page is discounts to buy your product or service, you are wasting resources. And, you may be creating downstream problems for your business. There are several reasons why only posting discounted products on Facebook won’t work.

You are not adding value to your followers’ Facebook feeds

People appreciate getting a discount on goods and services but they don’t necessarily go to Facebook to look for them. They are on Facebook to keep up with family and friends, to be entertained and to find relevant content (think news). Posting a daily, weekly or even monthly sale does not satisfy these needs. Posting a discount will not keep followers coming back to check out your Facebook page. Instead, you should be posting content daily to your page that is relevant for your followers.

You are conditioning customers to expect discounts

You can encourage more trials of your product with discounts but do you really want to give a discount to every customer on a regular basis? Probably not. If your discount is a loss leader, you are likely losing money on the sale. So, for prospective customers, this discounting tactic should be used infrequently. When you do offer a promotion, be sure to in use a promo code (for tracking) and a promotional end date. Limit the offer to new customers only if your existing customers are likely to repurchase without it.

You are damaging your brand

If you have been posting only discounts on your Facebook page, go to that page right now. Scroll through your content. Put yourself in your follower’s shoes. What did you learn about your company? What did you learn about your products? What does the company stand for? If all you found out is that the company offers discounted products, what does that say about your brand? At best, nothing. At worst, that your company offers products that can only be sold at a discount and no one should every pay full retail value for them. Ouch!

You are not encouraging engagement

If you know that Facebook users use the social media site to be entertained, entertain them. If they are connecting with family and friends, give them content that they will want to share with their friends. If there’s news in your industry worth sharing, share it. Don’t just share sale promotions on your page. Share content that is going to get your followers engaged.

Diversified relevant content will improve your followers experience and engagement with your Facebook page. Start with developing a content calendar for your Facebook business page. Contact us to discuss how.