About Us


Our Philosophy

More and more customers are multitasking right through your messaging.  That means there are more opportunities to waste your marketing budget.  Don’t just show up because it’s the latest trendy place to be.  Show up because it’s the right, relevant place to be.

We’ll help you develop a strategic plan and actionable tactics to show up at the right time in the right place for the right customer.

What Client’s Say

​”Katherine was extremely helpful to me in crunching a huge set of data and providing me with actionable insights. After speaking with Katherine in greater depth about my ultimate marketing goal, she was able to analyze the data to provide me with what I truly needed. She was also extremely flexible and an absolute pleasure to speak with! I highly recommend Katherine and will be using her for future marketing and data projects.” – Adrienne (B2B marketing)

“Katherine was great to work with! She took a simple project and expanded it for me after some discussion. It became much more robust and added value! She was proactive in her effort to understand the project from step 1. Definitely would work with her again.” – Jon (strategic marketing)

“Katherine was a pleasure to work with from start to finish! She is a talented analytical thinker, clear communicator and experienced marketer. Her analysis will enable me to make well informed budgeting decisions for next year’s marketing plan, which was the goal of our project. I highly recommend working with Katherine.” – Jessica (marketing budget and plan)

“Katherine is knowledgeable and responsive to the work we have hired her to do.  She always is looking for ways to improve and produce positive results.” – Craig (digital marketing)

“With careful analysis, KHB customized their work to maximize the way our program connected with teachers. The outcomes were beyond what we had thought possible. ” – Maureen (strategic & digital marketing)